Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum

"Arabiyum, Ottakavum , P.Madhavan Nairum " is a satirical comedy set in Abu Dabhi, telling the story of Gulf Malyalees with touch of Priyan Humour. priyarshan didn't reveal much about the story line of the movie. He added that the Movie Arabiyum, Ottakavum , P.Madhavan Nairum " will be novel experience to his Malayalam viewer

Lakshmi Rai and Bhavana are playing the lead characters in the movie; Laxmi rai is pairing against Mohanlal in. Arabiyum, Ottakavum , P.Madhavan Nairum . Mukesh is also a  leading roles in this movie.

The movie will be produced by Jhancos entertainments, in which an Arab named Jamal Al Noemi is also a partner. This is the first time an Arab National is producing a Malayalam movie. This fun movie will be distributed by Seven Arts.
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