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"PRANAYAM" Malayalam Movie Review

Director        : Blessey
Producer       : Sajeev PR, Anne Sajeev
Cast & Crew : Mohanlal, Anupam Kher, Jayapradha, Anoop Menon,
                       Niyas,Nivedita, Dhanya Mary
Music            : M.Jayachandran
Lyrics            : ONV Kurup
Editor            : Raja Muhammed  
Cinematography: Sathish Kuru
Banner          : Fragrant Nature Film Creations PVT LTD

Pranayam - A lovely Poetry on the celluloid from Blessy-Mohanlal team

Everyone must have loved or loved by someone atleast once in a lifetime. Theare are many love stories which shows different kind and style of Love. But "Pranayam" - the new malayalam film from the Veteran director Blessy is a Love story which was told in an unusal way. He starts the movie by saying "True Love comes quietly like bell without lights". Right from the heart of Blessy, here is a story about love, that emotion that can take many dimensions and touch man’s heart in unexpected ways! Pranayam, a movie on love is a poem, which has blossomed in the heart of Blessy.

Technical side and performance:

Blessy, who have more than 25 years experience has done brillianty in bringing the emotions of the characters on the screen and touch's our heart with the simple way of telling the story. The dream Trio - Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayapradha has done the main roles in the movie and coming to the performance part, all have done extremely well, especially Mohanlal and Jayapradha. Anupam Kher as Achutha Menon and Jayaprada as Grace were really terrific to watch, but the stealer of the show happens to be our Mohanlal, who potrayed a character of retired Philosophy professor, Mathews, who is on a wheel chair, after a stroke that left him partly paralyzed. This film proves why he is regarded as one of the most talented actor India has ever produced. From the music department, the duo of M Jayachandran - ONV Kurup have delivered whatever was required from them and also the BGM score by M Jayachandran is well suited with the feel of this movie. Other fields, that requires special mention here happens to be the cinematography done by Satheesh Kurup and art direction by Prasanth Madhav.

After watching the movie Pranayam, we strongly realize that talents in Mohanlal hasn't changed yet, but the Audience has changed these days and they are really opting fast movies in these fast moving life. Mohanlal, the actor who really surprises all whenever he get a strong character to play and he is still showing magic through his performances. In pranayam, you can't see a superstar but can see "the complete actor" who acted naturally to the core. Also we have a question to ask all directors who critises Mohanlal when he comes with a mass masala movie, why should you give him such chance to do roles like Blessy sir is giving to him. We are really thanking Blessy Sir and all the crew of Pranayam for giving us such a brilliant film and a chance to experience the new way of Loving.

All in all, this Pranayam is a top class film which make us feel the fragrance of pranayam inspite how old we are. This film is a sure treat for those genuine film lovers, who have been waiting for such a film in Malayalam. You are highly recommended to watch this movie for it's emotionally touching way of making and for some stunning acting performances from the lead actors.

Rating : 5/5

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LALETTAN's Super dialogues in "PRANAYAM"
  • Alasamayi thuranitirikunna vathililude pranayam kadannu varunu
  • Forget it..past is a bucket of ashes
  • Snehathinu munnil elarum swartharanu
  • Jeevitham swapnathekal sundaramanu jeevikan ariyumenkil
  • Life  is an extension of happines

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