Saturday, October 1, 2011

"SNEHAVEEDU" Malayalam Movie Review

Writer and Director         : Sathyan Anthikad
Producer                        : Antony Perumbavoor
Production Controller      : Sethu Mannarkad
Cinematography              : Venu
Editor                             : K Rajagopal
Art Director                    : Joseph Nellickel
Lyrics                             : Rafique Ahmed
Music Director               : Ilayaraja
Distributed by                 : Aashirwad Release through Max Lab

The Most loved Combo in Malayalam Movie World , Mohanlal - Sathyan Anthikad teams up again for their latest outing , SnehaVeedu . The movie lovers expect nothing but a Mega hit Family Entertainer whenever they team up and SnehaVeedu simply fit into those category . Every Movie lover adore those ageless nostalgic flicks , that makes the expectation go up when this duo comes up with SnehaVeedu .

Ajayan (Mohanlal) has worked in the Gulf and also in Chennai, comes back to his village to look after his ageing mother Ammukutty Amma (Sheela)and to get her love and the nostalgia of his growing up years. There, he starts a company for producing agricultural equipments and earns his living as a farmer.

The plot moves along with the introduction of characters like Karimkannan Mathai (Innoncent) and his wife (KPAC Lalitha), who is not yet ready to forgive their daughter (Lena) for eloping with sub inspector Balan (Biju Menon), one after the other. Then there is Sunanda (Padmapriya), who works in a soap manufacturing unit.

The whole story takes a different turn with the entry of Karthik (Rahul Pillai), a teenager who has come from Chennai, claiming that he is Ajayan’s son. The boy soon becomes close to Ammukkutty Amma, though Ajayan is desperately trying to prove that Karthik is not his son.The effect of this incident on Ajayan's life and how he handles it forms the crux of the story.

"Snehaveedu" is a mix of melodrama and sentimentalism peppered with humour. The Sathyan Anthikkad's usual impact is there throughout. The first half is rollicking and funny and stands as main higlight of the flick. Shortly after second half , it is little slow and especially the climax  is  liken every sathyan touch movie taste.

The two lead players superstar Mohanlal and veteran Sheela are in top form here. Sheela who plays Mohanlal's mother gives a splendid performance and Mohanlal too matches well. Rahul Pillai, a new face who comes with a turning point of the flick, is rated with Good performance. Padmapriya is aptly cast. Sathyan Anthikkad's usual actors Mammukoya, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha do their roles neatly. Biju Menon, Lena, Reeja, Sasi Kallinga, Praveen all have put in their best efforts to make their parts look perfect.
Sathyan Anthikad's takings strikes the right chord. His writings tries to cater to the taste of the family audience by making a sensible film.Cinematographer Venu, who is on full form with his nice visuals and fabulous frames.  Ilaiyaraja's music also very good in this movie

Overall like all typical of Sathyan Anthikkad films,'Snehaveedu' has humour and pathos.

All in all, this new Malayalam movie 'Snehaveedu' is a perfect Sathyan Anthicad movie, that will surely work big time with the family audiences. I prefer you to watch this movie, since it is a clean family entertainer in Malayalam, after a very long time. 

Verdict: Family Entertainer.
Rating : 4/5

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