Monday, November 21, 2011

Grand Master Malayalam movie Shooting start after Christmas

Grand Master is an upcoming action thriller Malayalam film directed by B.Unnikrishnan staring Universal Star Mohanlal. It will start rolling after Christmas.Mohanlal plays the role of a police officer in this film and Priyamani plays  the role of a lawyer who enters the plot at an important juncture.This will be the first production venture of famous bollywood production company UTV Motion Pictures. Max Lab has bagged the distribution right of Grandmaster.Deepak Dev and Gopi Sundar composes the music,Vijay Ulakanath with the camera and Joseoh Nelikal as art director.

The film is based on the dark side of city life with Mohanlal playing the lead role as a  police officer.He is divorsed and is a master mind in the game of chess.He plans the moves so well that he remains the champoin of the game.But his moves in real life comes to all flop.Once in a sudden,a stranger appears in his life and this changes the cousre of his lazy life and creates troubles.The film is about how then he moves his pawns in life to overcome this incidents.
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