Friday, March 16, 2012

TEZZ Bollywood Movie Release on April 27th

Directed by       :Priyadarshan
Produced by     :Ratan Jain
Screenplay by   :Robin Bhatt
Cast                  : Mohanlal (as Shivan Menon), Ajay Devgan(Ajay Rehna),
                           Sameera Reddy(Megha),Kangna Ranaut(Nikita),
                           Esha Gupta(Anamika),Anil Kapoor(Arjun Khaana),
                           Zayed Khan(Aadil Khan), Boman Irani(Sanjay Raina),
                           Mallika Sherawat(Laila)
Music                : sajid-Wajid
Cinematography:  Thiru 
Editing by          :  T. S. Suresh
Distributed by    : United 7 Entertainment
Release date(s)  : 27 April 2012

Tezz is an upcoming Hindi action thriller film directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Ratan Jain. The film is set to release in 2012 under the SRK Entertainment & Movies Pvt. Ltd. banner. Shooting of the film was scheduled to begin in September/October 2010.

The film was originally going to be titled Bullet Train. The film's action sequences, one of which will make extensive use of parkour techniques, will be choreographed by Gareth Milne, stunt coordinator of The Bourne Ultimatum.

The film will be shot in cities like London, Birmingham and Glasgow. As director Priyadarshan did not want his production to clash with Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar, he decided to delay the release of his film, it will now be released on 26 January 2012 alongside Hrithik Roshan's Agneepath.

The movie revolves around the bullet train hijacking.where actor mohanlal plays a dutiful cop of the scotland yard police with ajay devgn and anil kapoor in the pivoital roles.samira reddy had been offered an item number for the movie alongside she is also playing the part of a bar dancer.kangna ranaut is playing the role of ajay devgns wife. 


Download TEZZ Trailer & Teaser 3GP HQ

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