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KARMAYODHA - Malayalam Movie Review

"Karmayodha" deals with a serious subject – that of misusing young girls. With lot of incidents that evoke the anger and frustration among us, this movie is packed with high voltage actions and dialogues. With flesh trading becoming more prevalent in this society that we live, "Karmayodha" connects and carries you to another level.

Madhava Menon or popularly known as Mad Maddy (Mohanlal) is an encounter specialist based on Mumbai, whose don't care attitude towards them irks his senior officers. Movie started itself with an encounter mission by Maddy. Within no time, he was assigned another mission – that of finding a girl who went absconded. Soon enough he came to Kerala as a part of the investigation. Meanwhile, another girl from Kerala too was trapped by some rackets. On his way in search of the Mumbai girl, Maddy was forced to go through some extreme conditions which in turn exposed a big sex racket. Whether he has anything personal in this case, or does he succeed in getting those girls back is the rest of the movie.

The movie exposes exactly what is happening around us. While, the current scenario is bad, if not the worst for ladies, we wish some Maddies getting to action in real life. His attitudes towards those criminals are reasonably enough for understanding his tough character. Movie shows some unethical, but which every person wishes to do against flesh traders – like blasting the penis, or cutting the fingers. In fact, movie treats the plot in a manner that appeals the emotions rather than the prudence. In that way, we can assume that "Karmayodha" contains some violent elements.

At some places we might feel some confusion regarding the place of happenings when we are simultaneously shown those two girls getting missed from both Mumbai and Kerala. But we are arrived at a conclusion when the lead character decided to march towards Kerala as part of the investigation.

"Karmayodha" attempted some comedies which evoked a feeling of lines drawn at water. A movie which doesn't provided much space for comedies, relied heavily on the high voltage actions and the sparkling performance of Mohanlal. It is a one man show, I should say where in almost each frames Major Ravi captured Mohanlal. If it was Rajiv Pillai who assisted Mohanlal in Mumbai, Young actors Basil, Bineesh Kodiyeri, and Sanjeev turned out to be his buddies in Kerala.

Murali Sharma played the main villain character in "Karmayodha", where in you would see multiple villains at most times. The Bollywood actor played the psychopathic sex maniac character with at most care and was really nice at most parts. But, along with it what caught our attention is the girl who played the daughter character of Mohanlal. Not to mention Sai Kumar, Mukesh, or Asha Sharath who played their parts well.

The script written by the director itself started heating as early as from the first half. The electrifying performance by Mohanlal as Mad Maddy heightened the not so bad story to a thrilling movie. While we see Maddy as a man of no emotions in first half, we could see him breaking down towards the end of the movie. Of course the heart rendering performance of Maddy as a parent will stay at your minds even if you leave the halls. But, at times, the star in Mohanlal outplayed the actor within him.

"Karmayodha" at times turned to be a movie which is telling a moral story. But considering the serious issues that it is raising, we should consider the words of the character played by Janardhanan. We can see him almost in every house of our society which still occupies aged people. Girls getting trapped by their classmates are not new news to us. Then too, why these girls are getting caught…? That is the most serious question which "Karmayodha" arises. Songs as well as BGM were good, so is the cinematography.

On the whole looking back into "Karmayodha", you would see a movie that is cliché in most parts where it is trying to appeal both to the sentiments of families, along with high voltage action sequences aiming fans. Then too why this movie becomes close to our hearts is because of the society that we live now. You would probably like to have a Maddy in Delhi last week, where he is blasting the penis of those sex maniacs.

Rating : 4.5/5

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