Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rasam - Mohanlal, Indrajith in Rajeev Nath Film

'Rasam' is an upcoming Malayalam movie starring Mohanlal and Indrajith in the lead roles. 

Rasam deals with an interesting storyline. The film revolves around restaurants and catering services. Mohanlal will be seen playing a matured character in the film. Indrajith plays the role of a Namboothiri cook in Rasam. The story revolves around the Namboothiri cook (Dehannakkaran), played by Indarjith, who runs a popular catering service in Kerala. He is invited to Dubai by a family residing there, to cook for a wedding.

Mollywood a new heroine as well. The new girl on the block, Varuna Shetty, already has quite a few Tamil and Tulu films to her credit and is paired with Indrajith in the film. "Varuna is an accomplished dancer and artiste in Dubai. She plays the character of Devan's daughter, whom Indrajith ultimately marries," says Rasam's director Rajeev Nath. The film has also canned a Thiruvathira dance performance in which about 250 dancers have taken part. Varuna has also taken part in the one-of-a-kind performance, which was captured in Dubai. The film is mostly shot in Qatar and Dubai.

The rest of the cast include Varuna Shetty, Nedumudi Venu, Devan, Nandhu and many others who will be seen in supporting roles. Indrajith and Mohanlal have earlier acted in films like Twenty 20, Chotta Mumbai, Baba Kalyani and many others.
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